4 Common Payroll Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Payroll services are an excellent solution for businesses and employers alike, allowing for businesses to focus on their core business, rather than concerning themselves with administrative matters. These services can make payroll exceptionally simple, as long as they are executed professionally and correctly. Small businesses, in particular, should look at using payroll services.

At QuesterOne, we have taken the time to fully understand every component of payroll systems, as we are clear about the value and importance of these services. To ensure that your payroll is entirely accurate, these are some of the mistakes we avoid:-

1. Issues when paying out bonuses

During the holidays or following a target being achieved, it is relatively common practice for a business to pay out a bonus. However, these are often given separately from the payroll. To ensure efficient accountability, we incorporate all your bonuses into the payroll system, making sure that they are seamlessly paid out through an up to date payroll system.

2. Missing out paper check records

This is a common mistake often done by small businesses. When time is running out, and there is pressure to pay employees, a business owner may choose to quickly draft a manual check. This is particularly common when paying out advances on payroll or bonuses. In the typical rush of business, these checks may not be recorded. A good payroll system like QuesterOne’s will ensure that not a single check stub goes unaccounted.

3. Distinguishing employees from independent contractors

Due to tax responsibilities, it is imperative for an employer to distinguish between an employee and someone that is an independent contractor. With QuesterOne, we not only help you in making these distinctions, we ensure that your taxes are organized.

4. Running Payroll at the wrong time

As businesses learn to get on their feet, they may make the mistake of running their payroll too early or too late. This creates all sorts of issues, some of which include overpaying or underpaying employees. This usually happens because of mistakes in calculations.

To avoid paying hundreds of dollars in fines due to mistakes in payroll, working with a payroll service is an excellent option.

A great payroll service will do more than pay employees on time. At QuesterOne, we believe in always providing value added services. That is why we also provide notifications to alert you of payroll dates and other information, tax management services, and support services.

Whether you are working online or using a manual system, you need timely and accurate payroll services, at an affordable cost.