Most Valuable Online Payroll Service Features

Business owners often complain that their biggest struggle is managing payroll. It is a function absolutely essential to smooth running of the enterprise, but it distracts from their central business mission. Hiring an HR operations manager is one solution, but a less costly solution that saves you and your workforce time and money is to engage a quality payroll outsourcing service. When selecting a provider, ensure they offer the most sought after services.

Key Client Features

Easy Setup

The best payroll services make setting up your initial account easy. A specialist should be able to guide you so you can have complete access and support for all services. Anytime, Anywhere Account Access Your business works around the clock, so your payroll service should also. Your should have a secure, private portal that is accessed online via whatever device you prefer. You should be able to enter data or receive reports at times and locations convenient to you. Your payroll provider should offer additional options for access including email, fax, phone and the option to talk to a live person.

Flexible, Detailed Reporting

Detailed, timely payroll reports that highlight the most important aspects to your business are essential. Look for a service that offer a large variety of reports and support client customization.

Pay­As­You­Go Workers' Comp

Many of the best payroll services offer pay­as­you­go worker’s compensation insurance, which allows you to avoid large, upfront deposits to better manage your cash flow.

Tax Compliance and Deposits

Your payroll provider should ensure you are compliant with tax reporting and payment obligations at both the State and Federal levels.

Key Features for Employees

Employees like having private online access to their personal information, W­2s and paystubs. The best services facilitate workers setting up paycheck direct deposits into their bank accounts. You should have a service that can provide the option to remotely print paper checks too. Utilizing a quality payroll service is like adding a round­the­clock team of HR professionals providing
personalized service to match your business needs. You will sleep easy knowing your company is in full compliance with tax and worker’s comp requirements and that employees are paid in full and on time. Your workforce will appreciate the conveniences of direct deposit and transparent access to their pay information.