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Helping NonProfits Save

At QuesterOne, a national payroll provider, we pride ourselves on helping nonprofit organizations reduce their costs in handling payroll so that more money can go to the community and the mission benefiting from their services. As a result, we are offering our services to the nonprofit sector at a fraction of the rate that nonprofits have to pay for most national payroll providers. The savings are significant and are a big help in assisting nonprofit organizations to meet their goals.


Our aim in assisting you to lower your costs is not only our way of being socially responsible, it is also a means of thanking you for what you are doing and helping you to know that your efforts in helping the community are appreciated. Think of our services, therefore, as a way to help you to be more successful as the manager of a nonprofit organization. We are confident that donors and recipients alike will appreciate your efforts to trim your expense budget and thereby make the donations go further.


If you run a nonprofit organization, you know how important it is to reduce your operating costs. After all, you want the most money possible to go to the mission you are seeking to help. By cutting down on your expenses, you are enabling a greater share of the donations you receive to go to the mission that will benefit from them. Fundraising is tough enough; you do not want the money you have collected to be frittered away on unnecessary expenses. But it is also true that, as efficient as you may be in cutting back on expenses, you find that some costs are essential and cannot be eliminated or even easily reduced. One of those essential costs is managing payroll and all that comes with doing so.


You can help your mission by using our exclusive rates designed strictly for the nonprofit sector

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Benefits of using QuesterOne:

You do not have to pay a person to spend a considerable amount of time and effort in managing your payroll. The costs of paying a bookkeeper to do so are likely to be considerably higher than the amount you will pay for our services. And you cannot always be sure the payroll process will be handled in the correct way by having someone volunteer to do the job. It will be far better to use our services, saving considerable time and money.

We offer convenient access all the time. There is no need to be restricted to the average working day. This aspect is particularly helpful if your bookkeeper, or whoever enters the information, is doing so on a part-time basis and not working regular hours.

You use a private client portal which means that your information is safe and secure. Your bookkeeper or someone you designate enters the information from anywhere there is access to the Internet. No ledgers lying around where someone can see them or private information displayed on a computer screen that others can view.

We print all necessary checks, saving your organization additional bank fees.

We handle deductions from payrolls, tax filings and payments. And we do so correctly. You need have no fear that the process might be mishandled, causing complaints and complications that could cost your organization even more money, and might even damage your reputation.

We provide you with detailed payroll reports to which you can refer at any time.

We handle the process involved in new hires.

We make private employee portals available so that your workers are able to access information without having to go through you, a bookkeeper or other official to gain basic information, such as deductions from their payrolls.

We handle all the processing involved in workers’ compensation and similar deductions that need to be made from

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